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The Cranwell Bloodhounds



‘ … Hunting with bloodhounds is one of the best-kept secrets in the British countryside …’


Established in 1992 The Cranwell Bloodhounds are a privately owned hunting pack that has gained a reputation for being friendly and welcoming; so following in a tradition of hunting with bloodhounds that can be traced back over five hundred years.

In this book, we hear from the Joint Masters, the Huntsmen, the Whippers In and the many volunteers who help make this pack the success it is today, plus the photography of Matt Limb who followed them from meet-to-meet for a full season.


‘This interesting book offers a rare insight into the world of hunting with bloodhounds, especially The Cranwell Bloodhounds.  Covering all aspects of hunting from a participant’s view, from the joint masters to ‘the quarry’.

A fascinatingly enjoyable read, the book includes high-quality photography from one the countries leading field sports photographers, taken during a season following the pack’   SF, Gloucester