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Highland Ponies in Glen Prosen

‘ … it was an experience that will last in my memory for many years …’

It was a photoshoot that photographer & writer Matt Limb had long wanted to undertake. To be in the Scottish Highlands with a ghillie, deer stalking.  But not just any ghillie.  This ghillie had to work traditionally, using trained Highland Ponies to bring the stags and hinds off the hill.

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The Cranwell Bloodhounds

 … Hunting with bloodhounds is one of the best-kept secrets in the British countryside …’

This book came about by pure coincidence after Matt was watching The Cranwell Bloodhounds in the show ring at the Peterborough Festival of Hunting when he enquired if they would be willing to allow him to photograph them out hunting during the coming season.  In just a few weeks Matt made it to his first-ever bloodhound’s meet on a bright summer’s afternoon, as he watched the bloodhounds chase their quarry, which is a cross country runner.

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